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To Your Financial Responsibility

Welcome mutt, To your NEW financial responsibility Goddess Katie....

 You have way to much spare cash £££, & long to just hand it over & have your life financially entwined with my shopping trips & bills...

 So what could be hotter, than picking up & paying for a pretty young girls monthly bills & expenses...

 Spoiling treating & suprising me with gifts & sexy clothes from my Amazon & Delivery Code wishlist's is always welcome, because i know how you love buying & suprising me with presents RIGHT !!...

 Maybe you would rather keep my Credit Card topped up with cash transfers, It's always a huge huge retail turn on, knowing when i swipe my plastic & it's approved, that it's you loser that has just got my shopping trip & spending covered...


Financially Indulge, Get In For Debt ME ..


Serve Me, Hotter than your wife, & more deserving than your daughter RIGHT


Losers like you freely hand over your hard earned wages, Enter & PAYUP

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